Way to go Emily!!

Way to go Emily!!

Congratulations to Emily for taking first place in her session at the Alpine Holiday Weightlifting Meet today! Many of you...

Saturday November 25th

Workout: WallBall, HandStand Push Up, Power Clean And Row

Friday November 24th

Hope you checked the schedule VIM will be having it’s first WOD at noon today. Giving you all enough time...

Wednesday November 22nd

Wednesday November 22nd

Closing early tonight there will be NO 6:30 pm class. Remember there is ONE WOD tomorrow Pre-Turkey at 9 am. ...

Tuesday November 21st

Workout: 1). Strength Back Squat 2). Dumbbell Shoulder To Overhead And Double-Unders

Holiday Week….

Holiday Week….

Reminder to check MindBody for the schedule  this week. There will be ONE Pre-Turkey WOD at 9 am. Bring a...

Saturday November 18th

Workout: 1). Gymnastic: Handstand Walk 2). Clean And Jerk And Bar Facing Burpee

Friday November 17th

Workout: 1). Strength: Bench Press 2). Hang Power Clean And Muscle Up 3). Row And Thruster

Thursday November 16th

Workout: Team of 2 You Go I Go: Row And Thruster