Friday December 22nd

Workout: 1). Weightlifting Push Jerk 2). Dumbbell Snatch And Box Jump

Thursday December 21st

Workout: Thrusters, Handstand Push-Up, Power Clean, Deadlift, And Burpee

Holiday Schedule….

Holiday Schedule….

Just another reminder to please check MindBody for the most up to date scheduling for the holiday week. VIM will...

Don’t Miss Out….

VIM is putting together another order for our newest sweatshirt swag! Please pay and get yourself a cozy sweatshirt for...

Sister of Carmen….

Let’s fill the blue bucket for Sister of Carmen before the end of the week! They are in need of...

Saturday December 16th

Workout: Dumbbell Snatch, Box Jump, Row, And Toes To Bar

Friday December 15th

Workout: 1). Strength Clean 2). Handstand Walking, Burpee, And Pistol

Thursday December 14th

Workout: 1). Rope Climbing Skill Work 2). Dumbbell Thrusters, Double Unders And Rope Climbs

Wednesday December 13th

Workout: Metcon Rowing And Cleans