Schedule Change….

Schedule Change….

Please take note, as many of you know the Thornton community lost one of their own service men Officer Gumm...

Dunk Tank!

90 Day Jump Start Challenge is wrapping itself up! Next week Wednesday February 7th will be your re-test with Body...


Hope you all enjoyed your snow day and were safe and sound with your family and friends. Those of you...

Saturday January 13th

Workout: Dumbbell Deadlift, Dumbbell Hang Power Clean, Dumbbell Shoulder To Over Head, Ring Dip, Push Up, And Handstand Push Up

Friday January 12th

Workout: 1). Strength Front Squat 2). Double-Unders And Power Hang Snatch

Thursday January 11th

Workout: Row, Wallball, And Deadlift

Wednesday January 10th

Workout: 1). Strength Squat Clean Thruster And Power Clean Split Jerk 2). Power Clean, Overhead Squat, And Toes To Bar

Tuesday January 9th

Workout: Power Clean, Row, And Push Jerk

New Year….New GOALS!

New Year….New GOALS!

Well how is your New Year 2018 going? Have you picked some new goals for this year? Are you stumbling...