Friday May 12th

Workout: Ring Dips, Snatches, and Burpees

Thursday May 11th

Workout: Teams of 2 Isabell, Grace, Thrusters, Muscle Ups and Row

Wednesday May 10th

Workout: Run, Kettlebells, and Toes To Bars

Tuesday May 9th

Workout: Strength Bench Press WOD Runs and Muscles Ups

Monday May 8th

What a great week! First week of the new programming in the books. Many of you have had expressed your...

Saturday May 6th

Strength: Power Cleans Workout: Push Ups Clean And Jerks Pull Ups

Friday May 5th

Strength: Front Squats Workout: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls Double Unders

Thursday May 4th

Workout: Row/Run Wallballs Burpees Toes To Bar

Wednesday May 3rd

Skill Work: Rope Climbs Workout: Deadlifts Rope Climbs