Wednesday May 10th

Workout: Run, Kettlebells, and Toes To Bars

Tuesday May 9th

Workout: Strength Bench Press WOD Runs and Muscles Ups

Monday May 8th

What a great week! First week of the new programming in the books. Many of you have had expressed your...

Saturday May 6th

Strength: Power Cleans Workout: Push Ups Clean And Jerks Pull Ups

Friday May 5th

Strength: Front Squats Workout: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls Double Unders

Thursday May 4th

Workout: Row/Run Wallballs Burpees Toes To Bar

Wednesday May 3rd

Skill Work: Rope Climbs Workout: Deadlifts Rope Climbs

Tuesday May 2nd

Strength: Push Press Workout: Dumbbell Thrusters Box Jump Overs  

Change Is In the Air…..

Change Is In the Air…..

As many of you may have heard CrossFit VIM wants to meet the needs of our ever changing athletic goals...