Saturday June 10th

Workout: 1). Strength Power Snatch 2). Front Squats, Pull Ups, And Double Unders

Friday June 9th

Workout: 1). Muscle Ups 2). “DT” And Run

Thursday June 8th

Workout: Strict Ring Dips, Step Ups, Farmers Carry, Box Jumps And Burpees

Wednesday June 7th

Workout: 1). Strength Deadlifts 2). Toes To Bars and WallBalls

Tuesday June 6th

Workout: 1). Helen 2). Airdyne Work



Warmer weather is here! We all know that our brains need a much needed vacation and down time during this...

Saturday June 3rd

Workout: Row, Strict Handstand Push-Ups And Squat Clean

Friday June 2nd

Friday June 2nd

1). Front Squats 2). Over Head Squats And Box Jumps

Thursday June 1st

Workout: 1). Power Cleans And Hang Power Cleans 2). Thrusters and Pull-Ups