Tweens CrossFit

Tweens CrossFit

Today’s the first of 8 weeks session of VIM’s Tween’s class 12-17 year old starting at 2:30pm-3:15. Bring your friends,...

Tuesday June 20th

Workout: 1). Strength Back Squats 2). Wall Balls And Box Jumps

Kids CrossFit

Kids CrossFit

Today’s first day of  8 weeks summer Kids 5-11 year old bring your water bottles and comfortable shoes at Monday’s...

Saturday June 17th

Workout: Teams of 2: Clean And Jerks

Friday June 16th

Workout: 1). Muscle Ups 2). Dumbbell Thrusters 3). Toes-To-Bar, Hip Extensions, And Russian Twist

Thursday June 15th

Workout: Row, Box Jumps, And Burpees

Wednesday June 14th

Workout: 1). Strength Deadlift 2). Toes-To-Bars, Ring Dips And Kettlebell Swings

Tuesday June 13th

Workout: 1). Max Handstand Push-Up 2).Double-Unders, Run, and Row

Monday June 12th

Monday June 12th

Well hope everyone has enjoyed last weeks de-load cycle. Today start’s day one of re-testing your old maxes. Here’s to...