Friday July 14th

Workout: 1). Strength Dumbbell Press 2). Front Squat, Push Jerk And Run

Thursday July 13th

Workout: Team of 2~ Handstand Push Ups, Kettle Bells, And Box Jumps

Wednesday July 12th

Workout: 1). Strength: Back Squat 2). Clean and Jerk, Toes To Bar, And Wall Balls

Tuesday July 11th

Workout: 1). Skill Work: False Grip 2). Row And Double Unders

Monday July 10th

Workout: 1). Thrusters, Chest To Bar Pull-Ups, And Row 2). Shoulder Mobility

Saturday July 8th

Workout: 1). Strength Sumo Deadlifts 2). Snatches, Pull-Ups, And Burpees

Friday July 7th

Workout: 1). Thrusters 2). WallBalls, Deadlifts, And Burpees

Thursday July 6th

Workout: 1). Thrusters, Double-Unders, And Power Snatches 2). Farmer Carries And GHD Holds



We are excited to welcome VIM’s newest strong ladies Terri K. and Brook H. Looking forward to all their future...