Thursday July 13th

Workout: Team of 2~ Handstand Push Ups, Kettle Bells, And Box Jumps

Wednesday July 12th

Workout: 1). Strength: Back Squat 2). Clean and Jerk, Toes To Bar, And Wall Balls

Tuesday July 11th

Workout: 1). Skill Work: False Grip 2). Row And Double Unders

Monday July 10th

Workout: 1). Thrusters, Chest To Bar Pull-Ups, And Row 2). Shoulder Mobility

Saturday July 8th

Workout: 1). Strength Sumo Deadlifts 2). Snatches, Pull-Ups, And Burpees

Friday July 7th

Workout: 1). Thrusters 2). WallBalls, Deadlifts, And Burpees

Thursday July 6th

Workout: 1). Thrusters, Double-Unders, And Power Snatches 2). Farmer Carries And GHD Holds



We are excited to welcome VIM’s newest strong ladies Terri K. and Brook H. Looking forward to all their future...

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!

Bring a friend to try out CrossFit VIM before enjoying your BBQ and family fun. Come for the only WOD...