Thursday November 9th

Thrusters, V-Up, Push-Up, Push-Press, Power Clean, Box Jump, Deadlift, And Handstand Push-Up

Body Fat Tank Testing….

Tonight Body Fat Testing Truck will be at VIM from 4-8pm. Remember look at the list below and watch the video below:

  • Bring a swimsuit & towel
  • Plan on getting wet (hair too!)
  • Water is warm 90-99 degrees
  • Appointments are only 15 minutes long.
  • Acceptable payment: Cash, Checks and Credit.
  • Initial tests $49, retests are $35, BEFORE/AFTER package $65
  • If you can not be tested if you are a pregnant women

1). Clean And Jerk
2). Double Under, Toes To Bar, And Dumbbell Snatch

Vin-Yin Yoga At VIM

Reminder Haley C. is having a special Tuesday night 6:30-7:30pm Vin-Yin Yoga at VIM. Normally this class is offered FREE of charge to VIM members on Sunday’s 9:30-10:30 before Open gym. Those of you participating in the 90 Day Jump Start Challenge that’s 60 minutes of mobility to add to your Beyond The WhiteBoard log…extra points! When was the last time you gave yourself 60 minutes stretching? You will not regret it.


1). Handstand Push Up
2). Row And High Box Jumps

Day 1 of 90….

Here’s to day 1 of your 90 Day Jump Start Challenge! Hope you are starting off your goal on the right foot. First, what a great showing of support on VIM’s  5th Birthday BBQ this Saturday. It was a perfect afternoon and blend of “old” and new members. Secondly, Sunday Recovery Yoga at 9:30 am hosted by Haley C. was the biggest showing yet. Reminder Haley this week only on Tuesday night 6:30 pm she will be hosting a yoga class. Thirdly, Fat Tank Truck will be coming to VIM Wednesday 4-8pm sign up on the Google doc on the Facebook page. Finally, here’s to a week of testing for new maxes look out snatch and clean and jerks!


1). Snatch
2). WallBall, Muscle Up, And Burpees

Happy Halloween….

Happy Halloween to all of you from your VIM staff! Enjoy and be safe.


1). Gymnastic Strength: Hollow Rock Lat Pull Downs And Dragon Flys
2). Over Head Squats, Toes To Bar, And Box Jumps


Did you get your newsletter? If not please let us know we will get your email correct in MindBody. If you miss out VIM is having a 5 year BBQ celebration this Saturday November 4th at 12:30. We need a head count to make sure there is enough meat and sweets for all. Sign up is on the gym at the door for the side you are bringing.

1). Strength: Snatch And Back Squats
2). Double-Unders And Air Squats

Friday October 27th

1). Agility Box Drill
2). Power Clean, Front Squat And Push Jerk