Friday March 16th

Friday Night VIM light’s tonight 6:30 pm come and cheer your fellow VIM-mers on for their completion of 18.4. In addition here’s a few thoughts from Coach Mara.


First of all – it has been so exciting to watch so many of you hit PRs this week. Whether it be more double unders than you thought possible, an overhead squat that you were certain was going to crush you (but you did 20!!!), your first pull ups, or your first muscle up – so much fun to see everyone embrace their conquering spirit.

And now it’s my turn for another article of inspiration for you all. Since we recently finished our challenge, I’m hoping to keep you at least halfway on the wagon! I became a recent Pot Head (as in I got an Instant Pot for my birthday!). I am a sucker for anything meat and found this amazing recipe for brisket that is fork tender in just over an hour. Enjoy and please share anything in the comments that you think your teammates might enjoy!
P.S. – This can also be done in a crock pot, it just takes longer!
Happy WODing!!
1). Strength Push Press
2). Hang Power Clean And Muscle Up

Thursday March 15th

Release of 18.4 TONIGHT!! Come in at 6 pm to see what’s next on the list of FUN from Dave himself!

Deadlifts, Lunge, Box Jumps, And Toes To Bar

Wednesday March 14th

Don’t forget to come in tomorrow night to see the next week’s adventure from Dave Castro for this year’s CrossFit Open! Dave Castro on Instagram_ “#18point4” What will it be? Let’s all find out together at 6pm Thursday. Remember if you can join in the Saturday fun don’t forget you can complete 18.4 at VIM’s Friday night lights.

1). Strength OverHead Squats
2). Power Snatch, Burpee, And OverHead Squat

Tuesday March 13th

1). Support Swings
2). WallBalls, Toes To Bar, And Double Unders

Monday March 12th

Get those Open 18.3 scores in to be validated! Strong work to everyone for another week in the books of crushing PR’s and taking your comfort levels up a notch!

1). Clean And Jerk
2). Kettlebell Swings Single Arms, RDL’s And Calorie Row

Friday March 2nd

1). Strength: Deadlift
2). Over Head Squats And Burpee

Bring Your Socks….AND 18.2!

Today is rope climbing day, bring your shin guards. Remember tonight 6 pm we will be watching the release 18.2. What will this week’s new challenge be for the CrossFit community? VIM has added your opportunity to complete all the Open Wod’s during “Friday Night Lights” every Friday at 6:30 pm. Post to the community FaceBook page if you are coming so other’s will come and cheer you on or be next to you as you challenge yourself.

Row, Hang Snatch, And Rope Climbs

90 Challenge Winners…..

We are excited to announce the successes of the 90 Day Jump Start Challenge! We had 11 participants complete the before and after weigh ins and measurements. The average weight loss was 7.2 lbs. and average bodyfat percentage loss was 3.23%. For gainers the average lean mass gain was 3.4 lbs. and average bodyfat percentage loss was .7%

Some highlights: Biggest loss by the men was 9 lbs. and 2.2% bodyfat by Aaron C. Biggest loss by the women was 10.9 lbs. and 8.2% bodyfat by Danielle. Biggest gain in lean mass was Emily Frid with 8.3 lbs. Fastest ½ Cindy plus Mile for the men was Zach. Biggest improvement of times was Erik. Fastest for the women was Haley and biggest improvement was Danielle.

Everyone who completed the challenge had successes, and accumulated points for those, but the deciding points came from consistently logging 3 workouts a week and filling out the lifestyle log on BTWB. Maximum points possible was 500. In the end, the highest points scored for the men was Erik, with 480 points. And highest points scored for the women was Emily B., with 490 points.

Congratulations to our Challenge Winners Erik and Emily B! And congratulations to everyone who had successes! Remember get you Open WOD 18.1 done and in the books!


1). Strength Power Snatch
2). Row, Push-Up, Pull-Up, And Handstand Push Up

Open 18.1 Release….

Come into VIM and watch 18.1 release at 6 pm. Let’s watch the next challenge of your fitness for this year open!

Wednesday February 21st

1). Box Jump Over And Dumbbell Snatch
2). Over Head Walking Dumbbell Lunges