Monday September 11th

1). Gymnastic Strength:Handstands, Hollow Rocks And Hold Bottom Of  Squat
2). Wallballs And Double Unders

Saturday September 9th

1). Strength Overhead Squats
2). Row, Dumbbell Thrusters, Double-Unders, And Air Squats

Friday September 8th

1). Gymnastics Skin The Cat
2). Team of 2: Hang Power Cleans, Front Squats, Row, And Box Jumps

Tuesday September 5th

1). Strength Romain Single Leg Deadlifts
2). Burpees, WallBalls, Run And Kettlebells

Labor Day

Come and enjoy some functional fitness! Today only 1 WOD at 10 am. Happy Labor day!


Saturday September 2nd

This is a memorial workout is for Becky Sefscik  who took her own life after struggling with PTSD. She was Navy Veteran and a CrossFit Coach in Kentucky.



Labor Day

Reminder Monday September 4th VIM will have only 1 WOD at 10 am. Come and enjoy your Labor Day with your VIM family!

1). Split Jerks
2). Dumbbell Thruster, Double-Under, And Muscle Up