Tuesday May 1st

Day 1 what’s your hashtag going to say about your CrossFit journey? Let’s crush it friends make the world hear...

Monday April 29th

Don’t forget to check out the CrossFit VIM community page for May’s contest! Be the big winner!! Welcoming Spring with...

Saturday April 28th

Workout: Wall Ball, Toe To Bar, Kettlebell Swing, And Run

Friday April 27th

Workout: 1). Skill: Rolling Pistol 2). OverHead Squats, Burpee Box Jump Overs, Thruster, And Bar Facing Burpee

Thursday April 26th

Workout: 1). Skill Work: Handstand Holds 2). Bar Muscle Up, Hang Power Clean, And Handstand Push Up

Wednesday April 25th

Workout: 1). Strength: Strict Press And Push Press 2). V-Ups And Wall Balls

Tuesday April 24th

Workout: 1). Conditioning Air Squats 2). Row And Deadlift

Newest Grad….

Newest Grad….

CrossFit VIM family is another athlete richer, let’s welcome Monika V.! Workout: 1). Strength: Goblet Reverse Cross Lunge 2). Speed...

Saturday April 21st

Workout: Hang Power Snatch, Overhead Squat, And Power Snatch