Tuesday August 15th

Workout: Rope Climbs, Kettle Bell Swings And Overhead Squats

VIM’s newest CF-L2 staff!

VIM’s newest CF-L2 staff!

This past weekend two of your VIM coaches took their coaching to another level…that’s right Level 2! Here at CrossFit...

Saturday August 12th

Workout: Over Head Squats And Bar Facing Burpees

PDCD Run/Walk 5K

PDCD Run/Walk 5K

Here we go gang another year for PDCD Run/Walk is coming August 19th Saturday. So let’s get signed up and...

Thursday August 10th

Workout: 1). Pull Ups, Run, And Handstand Push Ups

Wednesday August 9th

Workout: 1). Deadlift 2). Box Jumps, Toes To Bar, And Kettle Bell Swings

Tuesday August 8th

Workout: 1). Strength~ Over Head Squats 2). Push Jerks, Squats, And Row

Monday August 7th

Workout: 1). Gymnastic Skills~ Chest To Bar 2). Wall Walks And Toes To Bar

Saturday August 5th

Workout: 1). Pull Up, Deadlifts,  And Row 2). Wall Climbs And Toes To Bar