Wednesday August 23rd

Workout: 1). Gymnastics~Skin The Cat 2). Box Jumps, Handstand Push Ups, And Squat Cleans

Tuesday August 22nd

Workout: 1) Run And Kettlebell Swings 2) Front Rack Lunges

PDCD Walk 2017!

PDCD Walk 2017!

Saturday VIM was able to have another year of supporting Elizabeth Watt PDCD Walk. Not only did we get to...

Saturday August 19th

The gym is CLOSED. Please come and join your community in supporting PDCD Walk! Check out the FaceBook community page...

Friday August 18th

Workout: 1). Gymnastic Skill: Strict Ring Dip 2). Run, Karen, Run

Thursday August 17th

Workout: Team of 2 Burpee Over the Box, D-Ball to Box, And Run

PDCD Walk!

PDCD Walk!

Have you signed up for the 4th Annual PDCD Walk? No worries there is still time! Please remember there will...

Tuesday August 15th

Workout: Rope Climbs, Kettle Bell Swings And Overhead Squats

VIM’s newest CF-L2 staff!

VIM’s newest CF-L2 staff!

This past weekend two of your VIM coaches took their coaching to another level…that’s right Level 2! Here at CrossFit...