Tuesday September 5th

Workout: 1). Strength Romain Single Leg Deadlifts 2). Burpees, WallBalls, Run And Kettlebells

Labor Day

Labor Day

Come and enjoy some functional fitness! Today only 1 WOD at 10 am. Happy Labor day!

Saturday September 2nd

This is a memorial workout is for Becky Sefscik  who took her own life after struggling with PTSD. She was...

Labor Day

Reminder Monday September 4th VIM will have only 1 WOD at 10 am. Come and enjoy your Labor Day with...

Thursday August 31st

Workout: 1). WallBalls, Box Jumps And Deadlift 2). “Becky”



VIM has another two amazing athletes to add to our family! Please welcome them both Carol and CJ. Your VIM...

Tuesday August 29th

Workout: 1). Ball Throws 2). Burpees, Kettlebells, And Push Jerks

Monday August 28th

Workout: 1). Bar Rows And Ring Push-ups 2). Row And Hang Power Cleans

Saturday August 26th

Workout: Dumbbell Deadlifts, Farmer Carries, And Airdyne