Friday September 29th

Workout: 1). Strength Jerks 2). Deadlifts, Run, Hang Power Cleans, And Thrusters

Thursday September 28th

Workout: Box Jumps, Burpees, And Squat Cleans

Wednesday September 27th

Workout: 1) Strength: Front Squats 2). Row, Rope, And Box Jumps

Friday September 22nd

Don’t forget the ladies are showing their fitness at Denver’s Girl’s Gone Rx at Denver Elitches Garden tomorrow. Please let’s...

Thursday September 21st

Workout:  Dumbbell Snatches, Double-Unders, And Toes To Bar

Wednesday September 20th

Workout: 1). Strength Push-Press 2). Push Jerks, KettleBell Russian Swings, And Burpees

Tuesday September 19th

Workout: 1). Chest To Bars 2). Toes To Bar, Power Snatch, And GHD Sit-Ups

Monday September 18th

Remember this week is all about testing maxes! You have all been putting in lots of work now it’s time...

Saturday September 16th

Workout: Snatch, Overhead Squats, And Burpees