Tuesday October 10th

Workout: 1). Strength Work Snatch 2). Double-Under, Snatch, Row, And Burpee

Monday October 9th

Workout: 1). Accessory Work: Pull-Up And Reverse Fly 2). Wallball, Row, And Box Jumps

Saturday October 7th

Workout: D-Ball, Muscle Ups, And Handstand Push-Ups

Friday October 6th

Workout: Deadlifts, Sit-Ups, And Row

Thursday October 5th

Workout: Team of 2 Running……

Wednesday October 4th

Workout: Toes To Bar, Thrusters, And Bar Facing Burpees

Tuesday October 3rd

Workout: 1). Strength OverHead Squats 2). Row And Push Jerks

Monday October 2nd

Workout: 1). Strength Clean and Jerk 2). Row And Burpee Box Jump Overs

Saturday September 30th

Workout: 1). Rowing Skills 2). Kettlebell Deadlifts, Hang Power Cleans, And Press