Friday October 20th

Workout: 1). Strength Pulling Deadlift 2). Snatch And Burpee

Thursday October 19th

Workout: Wall Ball, Run, And Push-Up

Wednesday October 18th

Workout: 1). Weighted Wide Grip Strict Pull-Up 2). Double-Under, Front Squat, Row, And Deadlift

Tuesday October 17th

Workout: 1). Strength Back Squat 2). Thruster And Toe To Bar

Monday October 16th

Workout: 1). Pylo Push-Up, Med Ball Throw, And Sled Push 2). WallBall, Burpee, And Box Jump

Saturday October 14th

Workout “Annie”

Friday October 13th

Workout: 1). Strength Front Squat 2). Deadlift And Chest To Bar Pull Up

Thursday October 12th

Workout: Clean And Jerk, Push Up And Ring Row

Wednesday October 11th

Workout: 1). Plyometric And Acceleration Speed Drills 2). Toes To Bar, Hang Squat Clean, And Handstand Push-Up