Happy Halloween….

Happy Halloween….

Happy Halloween to all of you from your VIM staff! Enjoy and be safe. Workout: 1). Gymnastic Strength: Hollow Rock...


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Saturday October 28th

Workout: Dumbell Snatch, Row, And Burpee Box Jump Over

Friday October 27th

Workout: 1). Agility Box Drill 2). Power Clean, Front Squat And Push Jerk

Thursday October 26th

Workout: Row And Burpee

Wednesday October 25th

Workout: 1). Strength: Pause Jerk And Front Squat 2). Snatch And Bar Facing Burpee

Tuesday October 24th

Workout: 1). Gymnastics: Ring Dip 2). Double-Under, WallBalls, Muscle Up And Row

Monday October 23rd

Workout: 1). Strength Deadlift 2). Kettlebell, Box Jump, And Pull-Up

Saturday October 21st

Workout: Row, Hand-stand Deficit Push-Up, And Bar Muscle Up