Friday September 22nd

Don’t forget the ladies are showing their fitness at Denver’s Girl’s Gone Rx at Denver Elitches Garden tomorrow. Please let’s go and cheer them on!

1). Muscle Up
2). Run, WallBalls, Row And Air Squats

Wednesday September 20th

1). Strength Push-Press
2). Push Jerks, KettleBell Russian Swings, And Burpees

Monday September 18th

Remember this week is all about testing maxes! You have all been putting in lots of work now it’s time to see where you are at! Don’t forget we have 4 teams that’s 12 of VIM’s ladies competing this Saturday at Girl’s Gone Rx at Elitches Garden’s in Denver. Let’s get them ladies show them guns!

1). Strength: Back Squat
2). OverHead Squats, Deadlifts, And Row

Tuesday September 12th

We had some pretty big weeks these past few weeks! So we are due for a nice de-load week. This week will be light in volume, technically focused and speed driven. After next week, we will be testing some stuff and we will hopefully see some PRs and some progress!

1). Strength Back Squat
2). Run, Deadlifts, And Toes To Bar