Cash Out…

The end is finally here for your 90 Day Jump Start Challenge! Today is one of the many that you can retest your fitness. Those of you doing the challenge will complete your timed 10 rounds of Cindy, the rest of class will complete as many round of Cindy for 20 minutes. Challengers can test out their mile run today or later in the week. Good luck to everyone!

Schedule Change!

Reminder that today ONLY there is NO 9 am or Noon WOD related to funeral service for Officer Gumm at FlatIron Church at 11am. VIM will be having a 8 am today ONLY! All afternoon classes are as scheduled.

1). Strength Clean
2). Deadlift, WallBall, And Bar Muscle Up

Schedule Change….


Please take note, as many of you know the Thornton community lost one of their own service men Officer Gumm last week. His service will be this Friday February 2nd at 11 am at FlatIron Church. In the past safety officers have closed all roads coming and going to the church. In response to this VIM has cancelled our 9 am and our noon. However, VIM is offering a 8 am this Friday ONLY.

1). Strength SumoDeadlift
2). Row, Double-Under, And Squat Clean

Dunk Tank!

90 Day Jump Start Challenge is wrapping itself up! Next week Wednesday February 7th will be your re-test with Body Fast Test. Please sign up in the below google doc. Excited to see your achievements over the last 12 weeks.
  Bring a swimsuit & towel
· Plan on getting wet (hair too!)
· Water is warm 90-99 degrees
· Appointments are only 15 minutes long.
· Accept Cash, Checks and Credit.
· Initial tests $49, retests are $35 or $0 if you pre-paid for the package. Those who did not initially test are welcome to sign up, also!
· No testing of pregnant women.
· Here is a video, if they would like to see what they will be doing:


Hope you all enjoyed your snow day and were safe and sound with your family and friends. Those of you completing 90 Jump Start Life Challenge home stretch is in sight. Remember your coaches and fellow challengers are here if you have questions or need a little push to get to the finish line!

1). Gymnastic Work: Hollow Lat Pull Downs and Toes To Bar
2). Back Squat And Rowing

Saturday January 13th

Dumbbell Deadlift, Dumbbell Hang Power Clean, Dumbbell Shoulder To Over Head, Ring Dip, Push Up, And Handstand Push Up

Friday January 12th

1). Strength Front Squat
2). Double-Unders And Power Hang Snatch

Wednesday January 10th

1). Strength Squat Clean Thruster And Power Clean Split Jerk
2). Power Clean, Overhead Squat, And Toes To Bar