Saturday January 13th

Dumbbell Deadlift, Dumbbell Hang Power Clean, Dumbbell Shoulder To Over Head, Ring Dip, Push Up, And Handstand Push Up

Friday January 12th

1). Strength Front Squat
2). Double-Unders And Power Hang Snatch

Wednesday January 10th

1). Strength Squat Clean Thruster And Power Clean Split Jerk
2). Power Clean, Overhead Squat, And Toes To Bar

New Year….New GOALS!

Well how is your New Year 2018 going? Have you picked some new goals for this year? Are you stumbling in finding a goal? Remember you CrossFit VIM coaching team is here to guide you and your training today and everyday. Reach out to your friendly knowledgeable staff for help and guidance. The goal board needs to be updated for this year. Grab a marker and make a deal with yourself and your community to reach your new goals for 2018!


1). Strength Back Squat
2). Row And Snatch

Friday January 5th

1). Strength Clean And Jerk
2). Double Under, Over Head Squats, Row, And Box Jump

Thursday January 4th

Thrusters, Chest To Bar, WallBall, Kettlebell Swings, And Burpee

Wednesday January 3rd

1).Strength Deadlift
2). Row, Box Jump, Toes To Bar, And Squat Cleans