Partner WOD!

Hi VIMMERs!!  Coach Mara here! Today we have a partner WOD on the agenda!  You will see rowing, wall climbs, and deadlifts.  When you are working with your partner, one of your goals will be to minimize breaks.  Be efficient in your movement and be ready to go as soon as your partner is finished.  You will want to choose a pace that you feel like you could sustain for quite awhile.  We’ve been doing a lot of workouts with planned rest so you should know what this feels like.  If going upside down on the wall climbs makes you nervous, we can modify.  HOWEVER…this would be a workout I would challenge you to try something you feel a little less comfortable with.  We can always scale reps, if needed.  As always with weightlifting movements, your deadlift weight will be specific to you.  So when you see Partner WOD on Beyond the Whiteboard, get yourself in here!!!

Team of 2
Row, Wall Walk, And Deadlift

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