Joshua Thompson, MS, ATC, ART

Athletic Trainer (JT the AT)

First off, I go by JT the AT because I am an Athletic Trainer with a Master of Science degree in sports medicine.  If you are not familiar with Athletic Training, it fits between a personal trainer and a physical therapist.  Physical Therapists get people back to walking after a surgery. Athletic Trainers get them back to playing the sports they love.

I combine Athletic Training, Active Release Technique, and The Burdenko Method to provide a holistic approach to sports medicine and sports performance. My mission is to ‘bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness’.

Growing up, I was constantly injured, but I was extremely passionate about sports and performance. I was also very introverted, negative, depressed, and over-stressed.  I had lost belief in myself because injuries were always holding me back from my full potential.

I felt like my body was against me I hated myself sometimes for it.

Then my mom gave me these Tony Robbins Audio Tapes, and I learned to change my life by changing my focus and physiology. You’ve probably heard something along the lines of ”Attitude determines Altitude”. I built new belief patterns to reflect a balance of my needs, desires, and abilities.  If I wasn’t going to be a star athlete, I would at least help as many people as possible avoid the same setbacks I had gone through.

I studied Sports Medicine at Plymouth State University where I learned core stability training with Dr. Marjorie King, PhD, ATC, PT; was certified in the Burdenko Method by Tom Barbeau M.S., Burdenko Master and 2 time Olympic Ski coach. I also assisted Nutritionist Dr. John Bagnulo, PhD, at multiple nutrition seminars, and completed the Active Release Technique Certification for Spine.

I got my Master’s in Athletic Training and a certification in the Burdenko Method.  I’ve spent years learning as much as I can about fitness, health, nutrition, and rehabilitation. I am constantly learning new techniques to get people to achieve their full potential.

I grew up playing baseball, track, paintball, skiing, and soccer.  I went on to play international soccer in France, but spend most of my free time now learning Acro Yoga and Rock Climbing.  Now, I live in Colorado and I am loving it out here!  🙂

Contact info:

Text me: 518.569.6909