Jenn Hilliard

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Hey there I am Jenn, welcome to the community of VIM! Hard to sum me up in just a few words! I am not known for little or no conversation. I have passion that is palpable for healthy lifestyle not just for myself but every one I have contact with. My other full time job is a pediatric nurse for the last 22 years, despite taking care of others I wasn’t  focusing on myself. So a dear friend of mine saw that I was on an unhealthy and short path of life. So as a fluke I was introduced to CrossFit when I started  I was 100% a coach potato, when anyone says CrossFit is for anyone I am the perfect example of that.  Here I am 7 years later owning a gym, coaching adults and running VIM’s CrossFit Kids (3-10 year olds) and Teen’s Classes (11 and up). My single advice to anyone is the “hardest part is walking in the door”, when you do you will be welcomed as if you were always here! Let’s get started!