Keeping you well

VIM is aware that to keep your body strong and well balanced machine it may need some maintenance from time to time. VIM has employed the best of the best to keep you centered, strong, and flexible. When you need to work out your kinks please feel free to contact our additional staff for help.


Brittany Brittany Boehnke, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Functional Movement Screen Level 1

Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling Level 1 Dry

As the owner of Mojo Physical Therapy, I am excited to join the community of CrossFit VIM! I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University and have worked in multiple clinics around the country and the greater Denver area. As a physical therapist, my passion grows with each patient I treat. I am constantly reading and learning new treatment interventions to help my clients succeed. I not only treat the symptoms that are presenting, but try to find the cause of each injury and dysfunction to ensure complete recovery.

Mojo Physical Therapy has shifted from the traditional outpatient orthopedic clinic. I utilize 1-hour sessions in gym settings focusing directly on each client’s needs, in an environment that is familiar. To do this, I have become an out-of-network provider. Ask me for further details. I utilize functional dry needling, cupping, manual therapy techniques, and functional movement training and exercise prescription. I value communication with each client to ensure a good understanding of the treatment program, exercises, and goals of each session.

Reach out to me BEFORE your injury is taking you out of your favorite activities! I would love to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

(641) 512-2254


Joshua Thompson, MS, ATC, ART

Athletic Trainer (JT the AT)

First off, I go by JT the AT because I am an Athletic Trainer with a Master of Science degree in sports medicine.  If you are not familiar with Athletic Training, it fits between a personal trainer and a physical therapist.  Physical Therapists get people back to walking after a surgery. Athletic Trainers get them back to playing the sports they love.

I combine Athletic Training, Active Release Technique, and The Burdenko Method to provide a holistic approach to sports medicine and sports performance. My mission is to ‘bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness’.

Growing up, I was constantly injured, but I was extremely passionate about sports and performance. I was also very introverted, negative, depressed, and over-stressed.  I had lost belief in myself because injuries were always holding me back from my full potential.

I felt like my body was against me I hated myself sometimes for it.

Then my mom gave me these Tony Robbins Audio Tapes, and I learned to change my life by changing my focus and physiology. You’ve probably heard something along the lines of ”Attitude determines Altitude”. I built new belief patterns to reflect a balance of my needs, desires, and abilities.  If I wasn’t going to be a star athlete, I would at least help as many people as possible avoid the same setbacks I had gone through.

I studied Sports Medicine at Plymouth State University where I learned core stability training with Dr. Marjorie King, PhD, ATC, PT; was certified in the Burdenko Method by Tom Barbeau M.S., Burdenko Master and 2 time Olympic Ski coach. I also assisted Nutritionist Dr. John Bagnulo, PhD, at multiple nutrition seminars, and completed the Active Release Technique Certification for Spine.

I got my Master’s in Athletic Training and a certification in the Burdenko Method.  I’ve spent years learning as much as I can about fitness, health, nutrition, and rehabilitation. I am constantly learning new techniques to get people to achieve their full potential.

I grew up playing baseball, track, paintball, skiing, and soccer.  I went on to play international soccer in France, but spend most of my free time now learning Acro Yoga and Rock Climbing.  Now, I live in Colorado and I am loving it out here!  🙂
Contact info:

Text me: 518.569.6909