Great Story

This video is why I love being associated with CrossFit.  We are a part of a community that is literally changing the world. We are a part of a community that puts learning and growing at the forefront and the results we are seeing are expanding at an exponential rate.

“We have a fundamental relationship through exercise”

That is a profound statement in its simplicity, but also profound in its truth.  Think about visiting a competition, we are a collection of clans that all come together to have fun and celebrate our athletes and their effort.  Yet we all have an initial closeness and respect for one another as we all understand what it feels like to be a CrossFitter.  I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally and I can walk into a gym in another country and it really is no different than walking into a gym across town.  We immediately have a shared understanding, a link that brings us together before we even know anything about each other.

We hope you enjoy this video and we hope you understand that you truly are helping us make the world better.

For time:
1000 meter row
50 pistols, total
50 hang power cleans, 185 lbs (135 lbs)

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