What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is challenging to define because it means something different to everyone.  Here is the book definition:

Also, here is a couple of video’s that show and talk about other’s interpretation:

What is CrossFit? – HD Version mov version wmv version

Older What is CrossFit? – YouTube

Our interpretation:

CrossFit is a blend many different elements of fitness.  What makes us different, is intensity and community. Have you done a previous exercise regimen where you platued? Intensity is catalyst to maximize adaptation. That means that doing something as fast as you can forces your body to keep adapting.  Many of us have done 60 minutes on the eliptical or treadmill only to feel like after a short period of time.  Your intensity hasn’t increase and your body has ceased to adapt.  Just about everything we do is measured. The beauty of CrossFit is that you can measure you improvement. As we get fitter, our work capacity (aka fitness level) increases. We can lift heavier weights more times, we can move our bodyweight over longer distances quicker, and overall you can do more thing quicker.

Also, the communal aspect of CrossFit is huge. Some have said the biggest adaptation to CrossFit occurs between the ears, not in the body itself. That is significant because everyone sees large physical changes, but we have to adapt even more mentally. You face your limits almost every day with this approach to fitness. The aforementioned intensity limit is usually mental, your mind tells you you’re done, you can’t do anymore. What helps shatter those limits is your fellow athletes. To see the petite woman pushing through a heavy set of reps without stopping, seeing the big guy keep pushing through a set of pull-ups when they are tired, to have your fellow athletes supporting you during the WOD you’re not sure you can complete, it is huge. These elements all show you can do way more than you thought possible.  There is something about coming in and grinding through a tough workout that really creates a bond that helps motivate us all.

There are many other aspects to CrossFit, we hope to come in and share them with you. It just comes down to just walking in the door.