Memorial Day Murph

 Reminder next Monday May 30th Memorial Day Murph starting at 10:30 with a BBQ to follow at VIM! As always this is a FREE WOD! Please bring your friends, family and or just the person you know would love CrossFit just needs a little push! Let’s enjoy some food and great conversations to follow. memorial2015


In Front Of A Clock Set For 12 Minutes: (Compliments Of Cf Mainsite)
1 Minute Of Double-Unders
1 Minute Of 50-Lb. Dumbbell Snatches
2 Minutes Of Double-Unders
2 Minutes Of 50-Lb. Dumbbell Snatches
3 Minutes Of Double-Unders
3 Minutes Of 50-Lb. Dumbbell Snatches

Post Reps For Each Set To Comments.

Cash Out:

With A Partner Complete The Following (2 Rounds Each):
200M Farmer Carry (Choose Weight)- One Partner Completes This, While The Other Partner Is Completing A Variation Of The Following:
Wall Walks/Plank Hold/Handstand Hold Against The Wall/Handstand Walk

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