Friday March 16th

Friday Night VIM light’s tonight 6:30 pm come and cheer your fellow VIM-mers on for their completion of 18.4. In addition here’s a few thoughts from Coach Mara.


First of all – it has been so exciting to watch so many of you hit PRs this week. Whether it be more double unders than you thought possible, an overhead squat that you were certain was going to crush you (but you did 20!!!), your first pull ups, or your first muscle up – so much fun to see everyone embrace their conquering spirit.

And now it’s my turn for another article of inspiration for you all. Since we recently finished our challenge, I’m hoping to keep you at least halfway on the wagon! I became a recent Pot Head (as in I got an Instant Pot for my birthday!). I am a sucker for anything meat and found this amazing recipe for brisket that is fork tender in just over an hour. Enjoy and please share anything in the comments that you think your teammates might enjoy!
P.S. – This can also be done in a crock pot, it just takes longer!
Happy WODing!!
1). Strength Push Press
2). Hang Power Clean And Muscle Up

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