Wednesday May 16th

Workout: 1). Strength: Forward Weighted Lunge 2). Run, Handstand Push-Up, And Wallball

Tuesday May 15th

Workout: 1). Strength: Deadlift 2). Air Squat, Hang Power Clean, And Toes To Bar

Monday May 14th

Hoping you all spoiled the mother’s in your life over the weekend. Don’t forget about May’s challenge and post your favorite VIM moments. Workout: 1). Gymnastic: Wide Grip Pull-Up 2). Run And Double Russian Kettlebell Swings

Saturday May 12th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of the VIM community! Hope you are all enjoying your day! Workout: 1). Back Squat 2). Power Cleans, Run, Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, And Handstand Push Ups

Friday May 11th

Workout: 1). Gymnastics: Strict Wide Grip Pull-Ups 2). Front Squat And Push Press

Wednesday May 9th

Workout: 1). Strength: Strict Press 2). Deadlift And Toes To Bar

Tuesday May 8th

Workout: 1). Strength: Back Rack Step Downs 2). Box Jump, Row, And WallBalls

Monday May 7th

Workout: 1). Strength Deadlift 2). Strict Pull-Up, Push Up, And Run

Saturday May 5th

Workout: 1). Strength: Back Squats 2). Power Snatch, Overhead Lunge, And Chest To Bar Pull Ups