July 4th Wednesday

Come in bring a friend for the only WOD today 9 am. Remember if you want to continue your celebration with your VIM family we will be meeting at  Waneka Park to enjoy food trucks, fireworks, and friends! Have a … Continue reading

Memorial Day Murph

Come and show your support to all that gave the ultimate scarify for our freedom. Today we will complete the WOD Murph. Remember that we will have  BBQ to follow. Bring your friends, meats to grill and sides to share.

Saturday May 26th

Workout: 1). Strength: SumoDeadlift 2). Chest To Bar, Front Squat, Toes To Bar, And Power Clean

Friday May 25th

Memorial Murph is MONDAY!! Don’t forget there’s a BBQ to follow bring friends and family, meats to grill, sides to share, and beverages to rehydrate with. This is a FREE WOD to all! See you there 10:30 am. Workout: Run … Continue reading

Partner WOD!

Hi VIMMERs!!  Coach Mara here! Today we have a partner WOD on the agenda!  You will see rowing, wall climbs, and deadlifts.  When you are working with your partner, one of your goals will be to minimize breaks.  Be efficient … Continue reading

Wednesday May 23rd

Workout: 1) Strength: Bulgarian Deadlift 2) Pull-Up An Wall Ball

Monday May 21st

One week away Memorial Day Murph and BBQ! Don’t forget only one WOD time Monday May 28th 10:30 am with a BBQ to follow. Remember this is a FREE WOD to any of your friends and family! Everything is scalable. … Continue reading

Friday May 18th

Workout: 1). Strength: Back Squat 2). Power Snatch And Burpee