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There are still spots open at the Alpine Weightlifting meet if you would like to attend.  I (Michael) signed up and haven’t been lifting much lately so it should be interesting.  But it is a really relaxed atmosphere for CrossFitters to have taste of what a weightlifting meet would feel like.  To sign up, go here.  It is in Wheat Ridge, so the drive isn’t too far.  To help get you fired up, here is a great video of some ladies doing some impressive work.  The final lift is of Natalie Burgener hitting a 117kg, that’s 257.4 lbs in case you were wondering. Her bodyweight was less than 138 lbs.  I would encourage anyone who enjoys Olympic weightlifting to try out the meet, it’s always good to have something to train for.

General Warmup

1000 meter row
4 x 20 pullovers

Mobility Session/Team Stretch
MWOD: Hamstrings and “Scrotch…”

Workout Specific Warmup
3 rowing sprint starts

6 x 2 minutes, on the 5 minute start interval of:

Your score is the total number of meters rowed in the 6 intervals.  Don’t cherry pick.  Yes, this is going to be horrible.  But it is a great engine building workout.  See you there.

Oly Class
Press 5 x 2
Jerk 4 x 5 > 65% (Moderate weight, focus on technique)

Log your results on Beyond The Whiteboard!


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