How does On-Ramp work?

Our On-Ramp is a 2 week course of 6 classes. We start them as we get new members so be sure to contact us to schedule your start time. During those classes we do the following:

  • Introduce you to the fundamental movements of CrossFit
  • How to move safely
  • Get you through your initial soreness
  • Introduce you to the CrossFit philosophy
  • Have fun!

Is there any additional cost for On-Ramp?

No, it is part of your regular membership.

What is your elements class?

Elements is a chance for you to come in and work on a specific skill that you are trying to get better at, get specific coaching on a movement, or come in and get some other work done.

What is your Olympic Lifting class?

We spend an hour working on the 3 Olympic weightlifting movements, the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk.  It will involve technique work, strength building, and video review.

We didn’t answer your question?

Contact us!

I am brand new to CrossFit, what can I expect?

Everyone’s CrossFit journey is different.  The first month plan on being sore, plan on overcoming many challenges, and expect to see lots of improvement and to be supported along the way!  The best way to find out is to try it!  We really like this video series called Killing the Fat Man about 1 gentlemen’s challenge through CrossFit.  Very good stuff and awesome that he put himself and limitations out there for the world to see.



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