About CrossFit VIM

We want to provide an environment where every athlete can reach their full potential. Whether you are looking to become a competitive athlete, don’t want to breath hard when you walk up the stairs, or want to be able to play with your grandchildren, we can help you. We focus on excellence in coaching, providing a clean, professional, positive, and supportive environment, and a welcoming and inclusive community. Our goal is to help you reach your inner athlete and show you that you are capable of WAY more than you think.

What we provide

  1. Quality Coaching – We believe that to maximize your CrossFit experience, we must be the best coaches we can be. We take this very seriously and have continuing education courses monthly for our coaches, require them to go to at least 1 CrossFit certification a year, and we make it a priority to stay abreast of as much coaching information as we can and share it with our community.
  2. Clean professional facility – Our facility will be clean and inviting. We believe that to have a positive environment, you should be happy to come here everyday.
  3. Strong Supportive Community – CrossFit is challenging, we all face our limitations, both physically and mentally. We believe that in order to thrive in that sort of environment, we must create and foster a supportive community that makes it fun to come in and push ourselves day in and day out. Our coaches and members bring that positive, supportive attitude to create a strong group of people that supports everyone in their fitness goals
  4. Whole Body Approach to Health – Fitness is a measure of your work capacity on a given day. Health is the longevity of fitness, it is being fit for an extended period of time. We believe that it is not just about working out, it is also about maintaining yourself through different approaches to health. Acupuncture, access to raw milk and natural meats, orthopedic massage, dry needling, chiropractic and other services will be provided through health partnerships. By exposing you to these services, we believe that you will have the highest chance to meet and surpass you goals and live the healthiest life you can.

What we ask

  1. Be Coachable – if you do not bring an open mind, you are not getting your money’s worth. Our coaches bring nearly 15 years of CrossFit experience to the table, its what you pay us for, be willing to try what we ask you to do. Coaching is about working with each individual to achieve their goals. We will do what it takes to make you successful if you are willing to put in the work.
  2. Check your ego – CrossFit will humble you, be prepared to feel inadequate, be willing to see that we have areas for improvement, and understand it will take time, patience, diligence, and hard work to get better. Don’t be afraid to scale a workout or use a lower weight, we cannot get a lot better today, but we can get a lot worse if we injure ourselves.
  3. Respect the equipment – Our equipment is not cheap because we buy high quality equipment to make your time with us enjoyable. Please respect the equipment and our facility so that we can keep prices low and continue to expand our toys for your to play with, not replace them. If it is not rubber, don’t drop it.
  4. Have fun! – CrossFit is supposed to be fun, even on our worst day of training, see the joy in being able come in and be a part of this community. There is too much to be thankful for to be angry or negative. 🙂 CrossFit will expose your limitations, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to measure and achieve your goals. There is nothing more satisfying than persevering through something you are not good at to over come it and set a new personal record (PR).

Ethos – the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period: In the Greek ethos the individual was highly valued.

We believe that in order to be successful, we have to have a foundation, a set of beliefs, something to fall back on every we make decision, here are ours:

  1. Coaching Excellence
  2. Clean Professional Gym
  3. Focus on Customer Service
  4. Vibrant/Active Inclusive Community
  5. Whole Body, Whole Health Environment

These 5 items inform every decision we make and define what we are trying to accomplish.

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