Important 2017 CrossFit Open Information!!

VIM wants YOU to participate in the 2017 CrossFit Open! February 23rd-March 27th. The Open is a 5-week worldwide CrossFit event that had over 374,000 participants last year and is sure to be even bigger this year. For the past two years we have had an in-house competition during the Open between Team “Powderpuffs” and Team “Meatheads” and everyone has an absolute blast. It’s amazing to see what our members can achieve when there are bragging rights on the line. Everyone really gives it
their all to beat the opposing team on the Open Workout each week either in reps, time, or PRs. As in prior years VIM will be making each of these the WOD every Saturday during class and open gym Saturday and Sunday. If you cannot make it to these “event” times you will also be able to get it done at any other class time between Thursday announcement and Monday evening so long as you can arrange to have someone count your reps. (you can use the community FaceBook page to recruit a counter if
need be).

If you are a newer VIM member, don’t be intimidated by the competition aspect of this, it’s meant to be fun. There will be scaling allowed if you do not have all the skills, so your score will be ranked against people who scale similarly to you. In previous years, it has actually been the scaled team members who influenced the winning team each week.

What is required of you: sign up on the front door sign-up sheet or email or message either Danielle or Jenn. By signing up you are stating that you plan to complete the official workout at some point between Thursday evening and Monday evening each week for the entire 5 weeks. (It is understood that sometimes people become sick and cannot do one of the workouts… If you happen to be traveling, most of the time you can find an affiliate to perform the workout at, so don’t give up on the idea just because you are traveling for a week during the Open) Danielle will separate all who sign up onto two well matched teams considering lifting ability, cardio, bodyweight skills, scaling, etc…The workouts are announced online every Thursday night at 6 at And we would encourage you but do not require you to register officially at that website to be listed on the worldwide leader board where you can compare yourself to others in your region, state, age group, or even military, LEO, Firefighter, EMT categories!
Let’s get signed up and get ready for some hard work and fun!

4 Rounds:
800M Run
20 Overhead Lunges In Place (75/55) (Alternating Legs 10 Each Side)
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)

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