Competition athletes

We have some competitions coming up in the coming months.  Please let one of your coaches know if you are interested in doing some additional work.  One of the great things about the new Beyond The Whiteboard is that we can plan a competitive track as well individual tracks.  If there is a goal you want to accomplish, please talk with us and we’ll help you get there!

General Warmup
1000 meter row

Mobility Session/Team Stretch
MWOD: Hips

Workout Specific Warm up
4 sprint starts
pushup warmup after each sprint start

For time:
150 meter farmers carry, 48kg (32kg)
40 hand stand pushups, sub 80 pushups
150 meter farmers carry
30 handstand pushups, sub 60 pushups
150 meter farmers carry
20 handstand pushups, sub 40 pushups



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