Holiday Schedule

We have made some adjustments to our holiday schedule.

  • We will be wrapping up a little early today, no 6:30pm WOD
  • 9am class only on Thursday
  • No 6am on Friday
Have a great Thanksgiving!

General Warmup
1000 meter row

Mobility Session/Team Stretch

Workout Specific Warmup
5 x 5  overhead squats, up to 135 lbs (95 lbs)
5 box jumps after each set

21-15-9 reps for time of:
overhead squats, 95 lbs (65 lbs)
box jumps, 24″ box

If you can overhead squat more than 205 lbs (135 lbs) please use 135 lbs (95 lbs).

Log your results on Beyond The Whiteboard!


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